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Why a Chimney Liner?

Master Chimney Sweepers installs VENTINOX DURAFLEX SW stainless steel chimney liners that service oil, gas, pellet and wood stoves appliances. The installation of these liners is a modernization of the existing chimney passageway and will improve the efficiency of the appliance, preserve the existing chimney structure and increase the life of the chimney.

Master Chimney Sweepers wants consumers and existing customers to know that there is rarely ever any reason to feel that a chimney liner is an emergency. Continuing with your annual chimney cleaning will safeguard your home from emergency conditions that may arise during the heating season. There are always some exceptions to this strategy and this is when you need to consult with your chimney technician or call the office for more information.

Typical Liner Installations:

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What is DuraFlex Smooth Wall?

A smooth inner-wall, flexible stainless steel chimney liner. A smooth inner wall means there is no output reduction, allowing for full appliance efficiency. Also, the lack of inner ridges, (which typically restrict flue gas flow and collect deposits) facilitates cleaning and maintenance. Sure-seal locking seam with superior strength and flexibility. Use with gas, wood pellet, oil, or wood appliances. DuraFlex SW is ideal for relining masonry chimneys for wood and gas burning appliances, boilers and water heaters. Listed to UL 1777 and ULC S635.

Mechanical Considerations

Expansion: Since steel expands when exposed to heat, care needs to be taken to give it a shape that does not create stress within the system after it has been installed in a chimney. Ventinox absorbs any expansion in its corrugations and does not twist or grow in length. Therefore, Tee sections do not become deformed and Ventinox can be mortared solid at the chimney top, which creates a long lasting, watertight seal.

Liner Tightness: This is important for two reasons: First, to keep water vapors and other by-products of combustion within the liner at all times and second, to keep air (oxygen) out during a chimney fire.

Liner Weight: Heavier is not better. Excess weight is only a nuisance during installations, or when the extra weight could have negative effects on the chimney structure. The lighter weight of Ventinox is possible due to our special manufacturing process. The other design criteria can be met without adding extra weight.

M&G Duravent Limited Lifetime Warranty

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