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Chimney Caps

Every Chimney Needs a Cap

Rain Protection
Water causes the greatest damage to your chimney: it soaks into porous bricks; eats away at mortar; hastens the destruction of the chimney liner; and destroys the chimney crown. A chimney cap does an excellent job of protecting your chimney from water damage. We recommend installing a multi-flue cap because it provides coverage for the entire chimney, not just one flue.

Animal Protection
One of the greatest sources of danger to homeowners is the threat of disease from animals like raccoons, rodents & birds in their chimney. A well made chimney cap will keep those animals out of your home forever. Caps with sturdy mesh and a strong lid will keep even the most determined critters at bay.

Spark Protection
The mesh screen on our chimney caps protect your home from sparks emitted from your chimney. That means less danger of a fire caused by stray sparks from your fireplace of woodstove.

Master Chimney uses both HY-C and Gelco caps. These are industry leading products that keep you covered and their performance is tried and true.

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Master Chimney Caps

  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • Available in standard and custom sizes
  • Copper Caps available
  • Warranty
Gelco, HY-C, and White Multi Flue Chimney Caps
Gelco, HY-C, and White Single Flue Caps
Gelco, HY-C, and White Copper Multi Flue Chimney Caps
Homesaver Chimney Caps

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