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Chimney Liners

What you need to know about Chimney Liners

  • Stainless chimney liners are primarily used for venting gas and oil heating systems.
  • Chimneys venting heating systems are exposed to acidic exhaust and condensation from the gas and oil furnace and can be prone to deterioration or scaling of the terracotta flue tiles. 
  • These terracotta tiles used in the construction of the chimney flue passage can vary in quality depending on the year they were manufactured. We actually find that older tiles from the early 1900’s can be more resistant to decay than the tiles that were manufactured after 1950. 
  • The main reasons for relining the furnace chimney flue passage are as follows:
    • There are holes in the tiles adjacent to the ash pit of the fireplace or the smoke chamber
    • The flue tiles for the furnace passage are scaling in large sheets, which may cause a sudden blockage 
    • The flue tiles are misaligned, loose, or not cemented in place
    • The furnace flue passageway is over-sized for the BTU’s exhausting into the passageway
    • The furnace is a high efficiency or condensing furnace
    • Chimney is unlined 
  • If there is minor scaling of the tiles you should not reline, but instead monitor the decay of the liner by cleaning and performing a Level 1 inspection on the flue passage on an annual basis. This is the recommendation of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) for all the active chimneys venting wood, oil, gas, coal or pellet fuels.
  • Always use CSIA or CCP certified chimney sweep companies, such as Master Chimney Sweepers, to verify the need for a new liner

Reasons for lining a fireplace

  • There has been a chimney fire and the flue tiles for the passageway are badly damaged.
  • The wythe dividing walls for the passageways in an older unlined chimney are collapsing.
  • There has been an external event causing structural damage to the chimney.
  •  If the inner parging covering the bricks  is shedding anywhere in the smoke chamber or flue passage.

We install DuraFlex Smooth Wall Chimney Liners

A smooth inner-wall, flexible stainless steel chimney liner. A smooth inner wall means there is no output reduction, allowing for full appliance efficiency. Also, the lack of inner ridges, (which typically restrict flue gas flow and collect deposits) facilitates cleaning and maintenance. Sure-seal locking seam with superior strength and flexibility. Use with gas, wood pellet, oil, or wood appliances. DuraFlex SW is ideal for relining masonry chimneys for wood and gas burning appliances, boilers and water heaters. Listed to UL 1777 and ULC S635.

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